What you should do if you have a complaint

We are pleased to advise that complaints about our services are a rare occurrence. However, if you have cause for complaint we would like to receive full details so that the matter can be fully investigated. It would therefore be appreciated if you could follow the procedure below:

  1. Please provide full details of the complaint in writing so that the problem can be investigated further
  2. Check your current contract with Novo Star to ensure you are fully aware of certification and contractual requirements
  3. If practicable, your written complaint should be sent to Novo Star within 14 days of the problem/dispute arising
  4. You will be contacted by Novo Star to advise that the complaint has been registered.
  5. Novo Star will investigate the complaint and ensure that an independent person is responsible.
  6. Novo Star will process the complaint using its corrective action procedure and if the complaint is valid this will include correction, containment, investigation of the extent, root cause, corrective action.
  7. If the complaint cannot be quickly resolved you will be provided with a written report(s) to ensure that you are aware of how the complaint is progressing.
  8. On the resolution of the complaint you will receive a written response detailing the outcome of the investigation.
  9. If you are not satisfied with the response/reply you have the right to appeal.The appeals procedure can be made available on request or can be accessed on the Novo Star web site.
  10. The appeal will be dealt with by an Independent Appeals Board usually made up of member of the Impartiality Committee.

If you do not understand any aspect of this procedure you may contact Novo Star for further assistance

You may Contact Novo Star for getting further details

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