1. In what geographic locations does Novo Star provide certification services?

Novo Star provides certification services worldwide.

2. How Does Novo Star ensure Confidentiality?

A specific confidentiality agreement may be signed with our clients and NDA from our staff, ensuring the Confidentiality.

3. What is the certification process?

The first step is to Request a Free Quote. Then a specific process will be defined for your company. But typically, the steps are quote, application/contract, manual review, readiness visit, registration assessment, registration decision, surveillance assessment and recertification assessment.

4. How much does it cost to become certified?

Novo Star will provide services and rates. Request a Free Quote today.

5. How long should a quality assurance system be operational before Novo Star can conduct a registration audit

The quality system should be fully implemented and subjected to a full internal audit and management review cycle prior to the registration audit. Novo Star looks for approximately three months of full operational maturity that includes internal auditing and management review as well as closure of any internal audit corrective actions

6. Can a Company transfer registration to Novo Star

A company can Request a Free Quote for the transfer of registration to Novo Star. Upon receipt of the request, Novo Star will review and confirm the scope of registration and Novo Star’s capabilities to provide a registration transfer meeting the company’s requirement. A proposal containing expected fees and further instructions would be provided. Potential client then accepts the Novo Star proposal and provides all necessary documentation on current registration. Novo Star will conduct a Quality Manual Review. Upon completion of registration requirements, Novo Star will issue a new certificate and provide appropriate public notification.

7. Is advance notice of Surveillance audit

Surveillance audits are typically conducted in six to twelve-month intervals from the date of the registration audit. Novo Star client representative will contact 6 months prior due date to finalize the assessment dates.

8. What Happens if we stop producing or lose a line?

Registration will not be affected. If a product line is eliminated, the scope of registration may need to be revised and a certificate may have to be reissued. A restored product line should be brought to Novo Star’s attention in a timely manner and will be reviewed prior to or during the next surveillance.

9. What is the normal certification cycle for a company?

It depends on the certification standard. Most standards are every three years, with food safety being on a yearly basis.

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